About me

(Very) Brief vita

I was born in Corrientes, Argentina, one sunny morning in December 3rd, 1970. However, I have lived in Mexico since age 2, for which, for all practical reasons, I consider myself a Mexican (that's my official nationality now, too).

Currently I am living in West Lafayette, IN, a small town in the middle east of the U.S., whose main attraction (why I am here, anyway) is that it is home of Purdue University.

A longer history of my life can be found in my vita.

Previous lives

I finished my undergraduate studies as a Computer Engineer in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in theSchool of Engineering. My bachelor's thesis, entitled "UNAM/Cray Computer Security Project", was the foundation for the Computer Security Area, which I founded and was head of until I entered Purdue.

While I was finishing my studies at UNAM (and a couple of years after that), I worked at UNAM's Center for Academic Computing Services, in the Supercomputing Department, and later, as I already said, in the Computer Security Area.

How to contact me

Definitely the easiest way of getting ahold of me is by electronic mail. My address is zamboni at the domain cerias dot purdue dot edu. I encourage you to use PGP if what you are sending is private. My public key can be accessed here.

By snail-mail, you can find me in the following address:

1315 Recitation Building
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1315

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Diego Zamboni

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