School and Work


I am a graduate student in the Computer Sciences Department at Purdue University. I work at CERIAS, and my advisor is Prof. Gene Spafford.


In January of 2000 I passed my preliminary exam, which consists of the presentation of my thesis proposal, and was the last official requirement before I can graduate. There's the slight issue of finishing a thesis, of course. You can read more about that in my thesis page.

Periodically I get requests from people who are interested in coming to Purdue for graduate studies. You can read all about the academic programs and requirements at the CS department in the Graduate Information page. Of course, feel free to email me anyway, but that should get you started on some information.

Research interests

I am primarily interested in computer and network security, which is, basically, why I am at Purdue. CERIAS is the perfect place to learn and do research in this field.

My thesis research deals with the use of low-level components for building intrusion detection systems. You can read all the details in my thesis page.


I am or have been involved in the following projects at the COAST lab or CERIAS:

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