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Over time I have written a large number of programs, some large, but most of them small scripts to do little useful things. Many of them have well-known and much more evolved equivalents, but I keep using my versions of them because most of the time I wrote them before I learned about the other programs (or before they existed), because they keep doing what I want, and because I can tweak them if they don't.

So here's my list (which is not complete - I will add as I have time to scavenge through my home directory). No documentation for most of these, use at your own risk, yada yada yada. Enjoy.

A program for managing aliases and lists. One of my larger publicly-available projects, it has its own web page.

A little program I wrote for controlling audio on Solaris. You can control the volume, muting, and output port. I should probably add balance control too, but I haven't. Sample uses:
auctl vol =10		Set volume to 10 (in a 0-255 scale)
auctl vol 15		Increase volume by 15
auctl vol -10		Reduce volume by 10
auctl mute		Toggle muting
auctl port spkr		Toggle output on the internal speaker

The -v option makes it be chatty about what it's doing.

I have keys mapped in my window manager to different invokations of this command, so I can control the volume from my keyboard.

Of course, I have also written (in Perl) my own version of a program for getting comics off the net. It has its own web page now.

A program for sorting a crontab file chronologically. Use with care, I'm not responsible if it messes up your crontab.

A collection of scripts and configuration files for managing email using MH and exmh. Also includes some patches for exmh and Gbuffy that I use.

more to come...
Diego Zamboni
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