Psychology and Computer Crime


  While working on my doctorate I became frustrated with the lack of any central reference sites that dealt with psychology and cyber related deviance. As such the purpose of this site is to provide a central reference point for those interested in behavioral sciences and its role in information technology issues, such as hacking, phreaking, cracking, cyber-terrorism, and computer crime.

  The following links, and pages provide a good cross section of the work that is currently being undertaken. This site is not meant to be all inclusive, but it does provide a good starting point.

Research Project/Papers

Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology

Preliminary findings: Understanding Criminal Computer Behavior: A Personality Trait and Moral Choice Analysis - Rogers, 2003
New Book Chapter: The Psychology of Cyber Terrorism - Rogers 2003
Doctoral Thesis: A Social Learning Theory and Moral Disengagment Analysis of Criminal Computer Behavior: An Exploratory Study - Rogers 2001
A New Hacker Taxonomy "REVISED VERSION"- Rogers, 2000
Psychological Theories of Crime and Hacking - Rogers, 2000
Modernday Robin Hood or Moral Disengagement -Rogers, 1999
The Increase in Organized Criminal Activity in Cyberspace - Rogers, 1999..
Specific Computer Crime Sections -Criminal Code of Canada
The Insider Threat (PDF) - Shaw et al., 1998
Cybercrime and Criminology-Adamski, 1998


Wireless LAN Security Issues - BIZTECH Conference Winnipeg, Jan 2003
 Incident Response and Evidence Management - Assiniboine Community College, Winnipeg Nov. 2002
 Computer Forensics - Red River College, Winnipeg, Nov. 2002
 Information Warfare, Cyber-Terrorism, and Cyber-Criminals-Lecture University of Winnipeg, Feb. 2000
 Hacker Taxonomy- IPAM Luncheon Winnipeg Spring 1999
 E-commerce and Security-CIPS Conference Spring 1999
Cybercrime on The Net-Denning

Computer Science & Information Security

Safer Wireless World Report - Purdue University
Policy Framework for Interpreting Risk in eCommerce Security-CERIAS 2000
Strategic Information Warfare-Rand Corp.
 The Day After... In Cyberspace II- Rand Corp.
 Hiding Crimes in Cyberspace-Denning 1998
 Concerning Hackers Who Break into Computer Systems-Denning
 Postscript to "Concerning Hackers"-Denning
 The Hacker Crackdown online-Sterling
 Analysis of Computer Incidents -Howard
 Communication Security Establishment-Risk Methodology Manuals


 CSI/FBI 2003 Study
 Computer Security Survey UK 2002-PWC UK
 Information Security Magazine 2002 Survey

Interesting General InfoSec Sites

  Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security
 Australia's Information Security Research Centre
 Center for Society and Cyber Studies
 University of Wollongong - Information Security Research Center
 CIAC-US Dept. of Energy
 Computer Law Association
 American Psychology and Law Society
 Hacker News
 Hack Canada
 Information Warfare and Security
 News for Nerds
 Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section
 RCMP Computer Crime Prevention
 Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
 Center for Strategic and International Studies

Computer Forensics Related References

 Department of Defense Computer Forensics Lab
 Dan Farmer and Vietse Venema Site
 Brian Carrier's excellent site
 Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence
 University of Central Florida Digital Evidence Site

The opinions, theories, etc. expressed on this site and in the documents are those of myself and represent my independent research activities. Comments and inquiries can be made to:

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