My interests

Personal activities

I enjoy spending time with my wife Susana. She also works at CERIAS, so seeing each other is usually not much of a problem. As of lately, as I have had to devote more and more time to my thesis work, I don't spend as much time at home as I would like to, but hopefully that will change when I graduate.

A few years ago, I started practicing fencing, and it has been a part of my life on-and-off since then. For some time I practiced with the Purdue Fencing Club, but I abandoned it in favor of karate.

In February of 1998 I started practicing Shoto-kan Karate in the Purdue Challenge Karate Club. I found karate to be a very rewarding activity, both mentally and physically. I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone, no matter what your age of physical condition is. Unfortunately, the time constraints of my work (particularly nearing graduation) have made me stop practicing it.

So I have no official non-computer-related hobbies now. It's all work, work, work. Agh.

Computer-related activities

At work, my main interest is computer security. But you can read about that somewhere else.

Outside of work, I enjoy using computers as well. I like playing games. Lately I have particularly enjoyed Unreal Tournament and Deus Ex.

I also like doing system administration work at home. I will add more information here about our home machines and network someday.

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Diego Zamboni
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