This site contains some photos of the Saturday Hike contributed by several hikers.

The first four photos were contributed by Juergen Haase. The first shows Sam draining grease from a pan into the campfire, in early 2002. It was taken at night with no flash, illuminated only by the fire. picture 1

The second photo, probably taken 8 March 1997, shows Sam near a cliff beside the Middle Fork River where he saw a deer fall many years earlier (perhaps around 1985). The overhanging cliff where the deer stood gave way under it. The deer broke a leg when it landed near the bottom. picture 2

Photo 2a shows hikers sliding a block of ice into the river on 25 Jan 1997. picture 2a

Photo 2b shows hikers keeping warm around a winter fire on 11 Jan 1997. The best part was that there were no mosquitos. picture 2b

Saturday Hikers in 1959 from the News-Gazette. Note that there should not be a comma after "Seward" in the caption. His name was "Seward C. Staley" and he was a Dean.

The next two were contributed by Irmgard Haken. This one shows a hike fire in February, 1971. picture 3

This one shows Wolfgang's dirty hiking pants on 20 October 2001 at Mingo Lake. picture 4

This one shows two ticks racing up Sam's shirt towards his neck on 19 April 2003. Which one do you think won the race? picture 5

This one shows Frank, Dawn and Wolfgang at Lodge Park on 29 October 2005. picture 5a

The next three were contributed by Lippold. This one shows a lobster at the horse camp in September, 2006. picture 6

This one shows the hike fire at the horse camp in September, 2006. picture 7

The hikers go swimming

Doob Memorial photos

Hike photos from 2007

Hike photos from May 2, 2009

Hike photos from 2010

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Hike photos from 2018

Hike photos from 2019

Lippold wore shorts to the hike on May 31, 2014, so he had to make leggings from duct tape to protect his legs from nettles.

Sam's mother on the hike in 1988

Bridge that was removed in Summer, 2006

Another view of the old iron bridge.

A tick on the hike.

Taiwan photos

Lippold and Sam at DePauw Nature Center 10.16.2021.

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